Thamos, King of Egypt, KV345

moz_k345_engz.zipFebruary 202249.72 kB00:24:09
  • 2a Godhead throned in power00:02:22
  • 2d Word by Mouth00:01:43
  • 2e Ever Great00:02:25
  • K345 1a Before Thy Light00:02:51
  • K345 1b May All the Youthful00:01:03
  • K345 1c Beam O'er us00:00:40
  • K345 1d Our Maidens00:01:00
  • K345 1e We Pray Thee00:01:00
  • K345 1f Be Tamos00:01:00
  • K345 1g Before thy Light00:02:46
  • K345 2b From the Tropic00:01:17
  • K345 2c As When to the Temple's glamour00:01:11
  • K345 3a We Children00:01:13
  • K345 3b God Head Lofty00:03:38
Composer:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791), Austrian
Genre:Classical Opera
Instruments:SATB Organ
Submitter:Gibson, Mike
Email:scriptoman (e-mail)