Drittes Quartett (K156 - 1770), Movements 1-4 (Presto, Adagio, Menuetto, Adagio)

mozk156.zipJuly 200313.72 kB00:16:14
  • 1 - Presto00:04:09
  • 2 - Adagio00:04:56
  • 3 - Menuetto00:04:00
  • 4 - Adagio00:03:12
Composer:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791), Austrian
Genre:String Quartet
Instruments:2 Violin, Viola, Cello
Submitter:Lehr, Geoffrey
Email:emeraldimp (e-mail)
Movement 3:
Measure 48 - In my score, the natural has parantheses around it, so I have decided to leave it natural.
6/28/2003 Corrected flow commands and some violin effects
Movement 4:
6/28/2003 Corrected some slurs
Uses NWC Extra Ornaments
The following text is on the bottom of my score -
Dieses Adagio befindet sich vor dem Seite 4 abgedruckten Adagio im Mozart'schen Mannuscripte, aber durchstrichen; ist also van ihm zu Gunsten des später componirten kassirt worden. Als fertigen glaubte ihn der Herausgeber nicht vorenthalten zu dürfen.
Translated (roughly) -
This Adagio was before the previous Adagio, but had been crossed out; thus it is believed that the first was favored. However, as it was finished, the publisher, in the interests of providing a complete score, decided to publish it as well.
Times - 4.08, 4.56, 4:38, 3:11
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