Erstes Quartett (K80 - 1770), Movements 1-4 (Adagio, Allegro, Menuetto, Rondo)

mozk80.zipApril 200312.99 kB00:19:06
  • 1 - Adagio00:05:02
  • 2 - Allegro00:05:36
  • 3 - Menuetto00:04:01
  • 4 - Rondo00:04:32
Composer:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791), Austrian
Genre:String Quartet
Instruments:2 Violins, Viola, Cello, String Quartet
Submitter:Lehr, Geoffrey
Email:emeraldimp (e-mail)
times 5.01, 5.35, 4.00, 5.23
I stayed as close to the score as possible, with these exceptions. E-mail me corrections (misplaced notes, etc) with the measure number.
Revision (4-13-2003)- Corrected a few errors, and changed the patches to violin, viola and cello rather than string ensemble.
Movement 1 - None
Movement 2 - There was no repeat at the end in my score; I added it so there'd be something for the repeat halfway through. Uses Boxmarks and the extra ornaments
Movement 3 - I added the Fine before the trio, this is not specified in the score.
Movement 4 - I provided the translation, so it's probably way off.
This NoteWorthy file uses non standard fonts. These can be obtained as follows:
Boxmarks - Scriptorium download at
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