Fantasía que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Ludovico

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Composer:Mudarra, Alonso (ca.1520-1580), Spanish
Submitter:Alberga, Cyril N
Email:calberga (e-mail)
Notated from tablature, itself transcribed by Donald Sauter, at
I have included a version of the tablature, not completly following Mr. Sauter's rules. To quote from Mr. Sauter (and the comments in the file)
"Uses Vihuela tuning, G c f a d' g', as at the time this was written there were no standard pitches the intervals can be obtained on a guitar by tuning the 3rd string down a half step, to f-#."
The comment in the score at measure 164 is from the original tablature, and reads, in Spanish "Desde aquí hasta acerca del final hay algunas falsas; tañiendos bien no parecen mal."