Alleluyah! (Fugue)

mulallel.nwcSeptember 20031.62 kB00:01:14
Composer:Mullins, Bill (1951 - ), American
Lyricist:Mullins, Bill (although I sorta cribbed the 2nd and 3rd verses)
First Line:Alleluyah! (8 times)
Genre:Choral work
Instruments:For acapella SATB choir
Submitter:Mullins, Bill
Email:Bill_M (e-mail)
I'm a Part time tunesmith, full time software test analyst.
The piece was intended to be sung by an SATB choir large enough to be split into two groups so that the antiphonal quality is evident.
It develops into a fugue of sorts and the two halves need to be split left and right - as the playback suggests.