Complete piano works (excluding the "Pictures")

musspian.zipAugust 2009142.34 kB01:51:04
  • A tear (1880)00:02:55
  • Children's game (Ugolki) - Scherzo (1st version) (1858)00:03:33
  • Children's game - Scherzo (2nd version) (1858)00:02:38
  • Close to the southern shore of Crimea (Capriccio) (1880)00:04:01
  • Douma (Rêverie) (1865)00:03:23
  • Gopak of joyful fellows (from "Sorochintsy fair")00:01:43
  • Impromptu passionné (1st version) (1859)00:02:56
  • Impromptu passionné (2nd version) (1859)00:03:06
  • In the village (Improptu) (1880)00:05:11
  • Intermezzo in modo classico (1st version) (1862)00:07:40
  • Intermezzo in modo classico (2nd version) (1867)00:10:15
  • La capricieuse (1865)00:02:00
  • Méditation (Feuillet d'album) (1880)00:03:09
  • Nanny and me (1865)00:01:22
  • On the southern shore of Crimea (1879)00:03:04
  • Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)00:31:05
  • Porte-enseigne. Polka (1852)00:02:08
  • Scherzo (1st version) (1858)00:03:58
  • Scherzo (2nd version) (1858)00:05:41
  • Souvenir d'enfance (1857)00:03:15
  • The first punishment (1857)00:01:34
  • The market scene (from "Sorochintsy fair")00:04:21
  • The seamstress - Scherzino (1871)00:01:53
Composer:Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovitch (1839-1881), Russian
Submitter:Spagni, Maurizio
Email:flurmy (e-mail)
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A word of caution.
My edition of Mussorgski's piano works is so full of errors that I decided to rewrite the scores in NWC to correct at least the most obvious ones (and so I could add my own :-).
The most part is done, but now I lost interest in the thing.
The scores are not refined but at least they are usable, so I decided to publish them in case they can be of use for someone.
If someone has a better edition and wants to correct and adjust the scores, be welcome.
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