Aisha -- The Princess of desert, from Morocco Suite (1999)

naisha_p3.nwcAugust 200310.41 kB00:03:03
Composer:Norifumi, Aizawa (1962-), Japanese
Instruments:Pf ( + Fl , etc )
Submitter:Tamiya, Takahiro
Email:GGB02730 (e-mail)
From composer -
When I went to Morocco, I felt in love to Japanese lady of Tour member named "Aisha" by berber guide. Now I composed "Aisha" as the Morocco Suite.
From creator -
The composer is my friend of kammermusic and ensemble. He is a very nice pianist, and a conductor. He was named Chopin of Toppan in 1986 by Yasushi Akutagawa. Now, He makes Tanka japanese short poem of 31 Charactors as Ima-narihira (his pen-name).
I think this is elegant and exotic. I was impressed very much. So, with his permission, I created this NWC file.
I created the Midi data with much attention, optimised for WinGroove, but GM synthesizer may be no problem.
Requires V1.70
Uses boxmarks.ttf (V2)
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