Fatima -- The Lady of Desert, 3rd movt from Morocco Suite (1999)

nfatima.nwcSeptember 200313.03 kB00:02:50
Composer:Norifumi, Aizawa (1962-), Japanese
Instruments:Piano, Flute, Contrabass, Percussion (Tambourine and Bongo)
Submitter:Tamiya, Takahiro
Email:GGB02730 (e-mail)
From composer -
This movement is about the Japanese lady named Fatima. Fatima is very agressive friend of Aisha. When you perform, Be with a passionate!
From creator -
The composer, my friend of kammermusic and ensemble , is a very nice pianist, conductor and composer. He has nickname "Chopin of Toppan" called by Yasushi Akutagawa, who is famous classical composer in Japan. Now, he also writes short Japanese short poem, Tanka, with 31 japanese charactors. His pen-name is "Ima-narihira".
I create this NWC Midi playback data with much attention for optimise for WinGroove. And 2 Percussion Parts (Tambourine and Bongo ) may be not fit for other MIDI synthesizer . Please change staff's volume.
Thank you.
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