New Hong Kong Anthem

nhka.nwcNovember 20228.61 kB00:02:05
Composer:Dgx yhl, Thomas (21st C)
First Line:We pledge: No more tears on our land
Instruments:Voice and string ensemble
Submitter:Moffatt, Stuart
Email:music (e-mail)
Whilst the anthem appears to have been written only as recently as 2019, the authors seem to indicate by their use of pseudonyms that they wish the anthem to be considered as public property. The name of the lyricist is of particular note here. 't' may be intended to be understood as 'traditional'. Zhonglian Dengzi (眾連登仟) may be translated as 'Thousands of people' or 'All of the people were on it'.
Name New Hong Kong Anthem (願榮光歸香港)
Lyricist - t, 眾連登仟
Libretto - 何以 這土地 淚再流
何以 令眾人 亦憤恨
昂首 拒默沉 吶喊聲 響透
盼自由 歸於 這裡
何以 這恐懼 抹不走
何以 為信念 從沒退後
何解 血在流 但邁進聲 響透
建自由 光輝 香港8
在晚星 墜落 徬徨午夜
迷霧裡 最遠處吹來 號角聲
捍自由 來齊集這裡 來全力抗對
勇氣 智慧 也永不滅
黎明來到 要光復 這香港
同行兒女 為正義 時代革命
祈求 民主與自由 萬世都不朽