Magnificat for a chorus of four mixed voices and basso continuo

pachmag.nwcJuly 20077.96 kB00:05:50
Composer:Pachelbel, Johann (1653-1706), German
First Line:Magnificat anima mea Dominum
Genre:sacred motets
Instruments:Choir and continuo
Submitter:Guix, Joseph
Email:jguix (e-mail)
From foreword: The original copy of the present work (N°37 in the list of the Archiv für Musikwissenschaft XI) is found in the collection Ex Bibliotheca Poelchaviana, musical manuscript N°30088 or the Public Scientific Library of Berlin. Its title reads: "Magnificat for 4 or 12 soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices, with 4 strings ad libitum; or for 4 solo voices and cembalo. [signed] Pachelbel.