Âðm I - ciphered

pashdeeth.nwcJuly 20222.32 kB00:00:29
Lyricist:Longdon, John (c1925 - ), British
First Line:Pásh deeth awm pléatward bong
Instruments:SATB - a cappella
Submitter:Moffatt, Stuart
Email:music (e-mail)
Libretto:Pásh deeth awm pléatward bong
Máng moth awm láygum bong
Pásh deeth wa bong
Dénsh vore thob soónd add
Vikko inch plúno add
Máng saw kneel aýthan udd
Pásh deeth awm bong
It is sixty-nine years since the coronation of our Queen who is now in the seventy first year of her reign, and I thought to offer a little something to celebrate. It was about fifty one years ago that I was introduced to a John Longdon, a philosopher, by one of his school friends, Ray Tester, with whom he had spent many happy hours drinking jasmine tea, listening to Beethoven string quartets and discussing everything from Plato to Teilhard de Chardin passing through forbidden German territory on the way. Ray thought it was time I met a real philosopher. Among other things the said JL was working on an equation of the universe, a representation of which was noted in my diary, but the untidy scrawl renders it now illegible, and phonetic substitution as a ciphering technique.
I have long since lost touch with the two gentlemen, and have no idea who, if anyone, holds copyright on the words, rather phonemes written above, but as it is likely that if there is copyright it is on the far larger tome of which it is a part, and therefore this small extract is fair use, and serves to advertise the larger work, if only we knew what that was.
It is left to you dear auditor to decipher the phonetic substitution, but if you need help it may be found in the music.