Speechless (2014)

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Composer:Pettett, Ken (1948 -), British
Genre:Contemporary rock
Instruments:Keyboards/guitars/wind instruments/drums/percussion
Submitter:Pettett, Ken
Email:kenpettett (e-mail)
Arranger:Ken Pettett
An arrangement of my "Symphony in C" for a contemporary band. Consists of four movements.
First movement: Allegro: Key: C major. Typical sonata form (exposition/development/recapitulation/coda)
Second movement: Allegretto: Key: F major. Theme and four variations.
Third movement: Presto: Key: E minor. Scherzo with middle section in A major.
Fourth movement: Vivace: Key: C major. Themes and
variations on two themes (with an interlude) ending with a double fugue
on both themes.