Poor Cirkus 1977

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Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Genre:Symphonic Band [small]
Instruments:whatever's available with full percussion
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:jay (e-mail)
Here's the story; The parts have no clefs whichever instrumental category you fall into or think you fall into that's the part you should play- apply the proper clef and do not transpose into 'c'.
I've kept it small in terms of score/orchestration for this version [this would be the conductor's score except for the percussion] due to the rest of the story.
This is a small European Circus- everyone does at least 3 different things- so the clown trains animals, is a clown and plays tuba [what else] and conducts sometimes if not on the highwire [get the picture?] no one can really play their instrument and most of them were found in garbage cans during the circus' travels. The only song they sort of know is 'Over the waves' and that's what they use throughout the show. That's why if you perform this there is no transposition- no one in the 'orchestra' knows how and they are floundering away doing the best they can.
This was one of the first pieces that I wrote for large ensemble that began to really show my personal 'voice', both the humour [I hope you smile] and the rhythmic complexity and allowing some freedom for the performers to make the piece their own.
Original Notes:
The Poor Cirkus for symphonic band; clef signs are to be each instruments'normal clef.
The idea is programmatic- a small poor cirkus comes to town, the musicians are ill rehearsed and many are the clowns, acrobats, trainers so they have of course many different duties and no one can read music so they all play by ear.
Sometimes it is good sometimes not so good to hear.....
Ah, but it is the circus!
Optional: to express the chaos of this cirkus anytime someone has 6 measures rest they should pick up their music and change seats with someone else [who also has rests]. In the case of percussion just walking away and running back would be sufficient.