Requiem, Op. 66

popop66.nwcFebruary 20059.79 kB00:06:52
Composer:Popper, David (1843-1913)
Genre:Chamber Music
Instruments:New Violin Septet & Solo 'Cello
Submitter:Firestone, Omar
Email:Omar (e-mail)
I have added two chords (not in the original) as an "Homáge" the composer's compatriot and contemporary, Antonin Dvorak. Note that the Soprano and Small Bass Violins are scored in F and sound a fourth higher than written.
Mastery of this virtuoso 'cellist's and (pedagogue!)"High School of Cello Playing (Etudes) constitute a 'Cellists "Rite of passage" into professional life.
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