String Quartet No 1 in E flat, Op.1.

prosq_1.zipFebruary 201024.84 kB00:18:16
  • II Adagio Sostenuto00:05:03
  • III Scherzo00:02:15
  • IV Finale00:04:41
  • String Quartet No 1 in Eb, Op.100:06:19
Composer:Prout, Ebenezer (1835-1909), English.
Genre:Chamber music.
Instruments:2 Violins, Viola & Cello.
Submitter:White, John H
Email:jalbis127 (e-mail)
This work won a prize for its young composer. He later went on to
become a leading music theorist and Professor of Music at Dublin University.
Some of his many textbooks are still in print in modern editions. He also
went on to write some choral works and 4 symphonies, but he is probably best
known today for his edition of Handel's Messiah.