Turandot (1926)

puccturz.zipAugust 201492.99 kB00:41:05
  • Is the moon never coming?00:04:31
  • Oh, weep no more, Liu!00:06:42
  • Opening scene00:07:55
  • Tarry no longer00:03:49
  • Unhappy youth! Mercy!00:06:12
  • What art thou doing?00:05:58
  • What art thou doing?00:05:58
Composer:Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924), Italian
Instruments:arranged for SSAATTBB (piccolo/sop sax, clarinet'cor anglais, French horn/trombone, bassoon/tuba) and piano (converted to strings etc)
Submitter:Hooper, John
Email:john (e-mail)
This ZIP File contains the following:-
01-Intro.nwc Popolo di Pekino! (People of Peking!) Page 1
02-moon.nwc Perche tarda la luna? (Is the moon never coming?) Page 43
03-unhap.nwc O giovi netto! (Unhappy youth!) Page 61
04-What2.nwc Non Figlio, che fai? (What art thou doing?) Page 78
05-Tarry.nwc Non indugiare! (Tarry no longer!) Page 106
06-Weep.nwc Non piangere, Liu! (Oh! weep no more, Liu!) Page 118
There are no text/lyrics; these Files were generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so don't look pretty even though they should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold).
There is rather dark performance of this Work by the Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala di Milano conducted by Gianandrea Gavazzenion on YouTube starting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xX-6LLZy8E .
At the moment there are Files only for Act 1 (Files for Acts 2 and 3 may follow, but ... don't hold your breath!). Note that the whole of Act 1 is sung without a pause, but for convenience here the Act has been split into six main sections, each identified by the first spoken words and the Score page number. Note also that the phrasing of the Notes in these Files matches - for the most part - the Italian words.
Finally, note that Opera is not really suited for conversion into NWC or Midi format, so while a slight attempt has been made to get it all to fit, it may not do so that well!
And finally finally, it's been difficult to squeeze all the Voices and Instruments into the standard 15 (+1) Channels, and the result may not always be quite right! So ... good luck!
Voice-emphasised Midi Files of the whole work can be downloaded for free from my Website (above). My Website (above) also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.