Non potho reposare (I can’t rest)

rachel_npr.nwcApril 20232.46 kB00:01:04
Composer:Rachel, Giuseppe (1858 - 1937), Italian
Lyricist:Salvatore Sini (1873-1954), Italian, Sardinian
First Line:Non potho reposare, amore, coro
Genre:Sardinian music
Instruments:Acoustic Piano 3
Submitter:Prada, Lorenzo
Email:lawrroc51 (e-mail)
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Although this is an author's song, it is now part of the traditional song of Sardinia. I have also inserted the translation (Google traductor...) of the text for the friends of the forum, because I think the verses are very romantic and poetic. If someone wants to sing them to their lady, I think it will be a hit!