Blue Arrow

randblue.nwcApril 200310.46 kB00:03:43
Composer:Randall , Stephen (1954 - ), British
Genre:March (Concert Band)
Instruments:Flute I,II; Oboe; Eb Clarinet; Bb Clarinet I,II,III; Eb Alto Sax I,II; Bb Tenor Sax; Eb Baritone Sax; Bb Trumpet I,II,III; F Horn I,II; Trombone I,II; Euphonium/Bb Baritone; Bass (tuba); Percussion (Kit)
Submitter:Randall, Stephen
Email:sr-music (e-mail)
Dedicated to the Harrow Concert Band.
This version entered into Peanut Jake's NWC march competition March 2003 (2nd Prize)
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