Themes to "The Discovery of Utopia"

rosutopz.zipJuly 200432.83 kB00:11:28
  • . The Find00:02:42
  • I. The Utopian Sphere00:03:15
  • II. The Machine Empire00:02:16
  • V. The Guardians Awaken00:03:12
Composer:Rosario, Vince (1986- ), Puerto Rican
Genre:Thematic Movements, Soundtrack, Classical
Submitter:Rosario, Vince
Email:vnzr926 (e-mail)
As a career I want to write music for movies. Since that is a difficult goal to achieve its good to start writting soundtrack-like music at an early age. So I decided to write about some adventure-type of story. The story, titled above, is about the enchanting discovery of a legendary place(completely made-up). This music is written in the form of movements, each titled to represent what is going on in the story. This is only the first and rest assured there are more to come. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Hope you like it!