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Composer:Traditional Japanese Koto Piece
Genre:Ethnic Japanese
Instruments:Acoustic Guitar
Submitter:Porter, Warren
Email:wporter211 (e-mail)
Arranger:Arranged for classical guitar by Yukihiro Yocoh, and transcribed into abc by Kunio Matsumoto.
Pd Status:The submitter of this piece of music has guaranteed that it is in the Public Domain and does not contravene any copyright laws. If, however, you do have a copyright issue with this piece of music, in the first instance, please contact the submitter directly at the email address on this page.
If you do not get a satisfactory response, scriptman (e-mail) and the piece will be removed pending resolution of the issue.
This is from a test file (# 45) in the Philip Taylor test suite, used for abc notation:
Nothing was done to the file converted from abc notation other than changing the instrument and staff to guitar.
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