Beata Mater

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Composer:Santucci, Fr Edgar (circa 1871 - 1945)
First Line:Beata Mater et intacta Virgo
Genre:Sacred hymn of praise
Instruments:Organ & 2-Voices
Submitter:Ciantar, Noel
Email:noel.ciantar (e-mail)
Arranger:& Orchestrated In 2002 by Noel Ciantar - born 1958
The original Beata Mater had only one single voice scored for a small group of choir-boys, who were the first ever boys' choir in Malta, serving in Hamrun church during the war, led by the parish priest Fr Nerik Cordina Perez.
NB - Copyright has been determined. Remembered,notated In 2001 by Albert Scerri - born 1931
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