Sonata for Piano No. 13 (Opus 47)

schups13.zipAugust 199915.79 kB00:16:06
  • . Allegro00:05:45
  • I. Andante00:04:32
  • II. Allegro00:05:49
Composer:Schulze, Arthur W. (1937-), USA
Genre:classical romantic
Submitter:Schulze, Arthur W.
Email:schulze (e-mail)
Sonata for Piano No. 13:
The sonata is essentially classical in tone. The first movement is in sonata form, with hints of the influence of Mozart's C Minor Piano Concerto and Brahms' Fourth Symphony.
The second movement evokes a bit of the spirit of an early Beethoven. It uses a tune of the utmost simplicity which gradually increases in momentum.
The third movement is loosely in sonata form. (I think the influence of the last movement of Brahms' Fourth can be heard here.) The rising notes of the last three measures of the first movement of the sonata become an increasingly prominent motif in the third movement.
Although the mood is for the most part affirming, this last movement ends on a rather disconcerting note of uncertaintly and ambiguity.