Frühlingslied (Spring Song)

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Composer:Schubert, Franz (1797-1828), Austrian
Lyricist:Ludwig Christoph Hölty (1748-1786)
Genre:Classical Vocal romantic song
Instruments:Piano, solo vocal
Submitter:Dowden, Blair
Email:blair.dowden (e-mail)
Lyrics in German only. Composed 13 May 1816.
From Songbook Series Repertoire (2nd edition) Album #4, pp 11-13, Official Examination Repertoire of The Royal Conservatory of Music.
The sky is blue, the valley is green;
cowslips bloom amid lily-of-the-valley.
Each day the colourful hues of the meadow increase.
If indeed you love May,
come and look with joy upon the beauty of the world,
and the kindness of God the Father that brought forth this splendour,
the tree and its blossom.