Star Spangled Banner

ssbanner.nwcApril 20021.62 kB00:01:11
Composer:Stafford-Smith, John (1750-1836)
Lyricist:Key, Francis Scott (1779-1843)
Genre:National Anthem
Instruments:brass quintet
Submitter:Adlon, Jeff
Email:jadlon (e-mail)
I'll share my version of the Star Spangled Banner for brass quintet. It's strongly influenced by 21 years of experience performing the Armed Forces version of the anthem, but I managed to add a few of my own ideas and a couple influenced by a recording of the version from the Brass Band Journal of the late 1800's.
I wrote it in the strange key because I like the sound the ensemble got in this pitch range. There's also a hidden stave for Eb trumpet. It plays a lot easier on Eb.
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