Oh, happy the lily (1887), from Ruddigore

sul_lily.nwcMay 20163.23 kB00:01:28
Composer:Sullivan, Sir Arthur (1842-1900), English
Lyricist:W S Gilbert
Genre:light opera
Instruments:arranged for SATB (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon) and piano (converted to strings etc)
Submitter:Hooper, John
Email:john (e-mail)
There are no text/lyrics; the File was generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so doesn't look pretty even though it should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold).
There is an ... "interesting" performance of Ruddigore on YouTube starting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6708hpjItMc. "Oh, happy the lily" starts at around 1.23.00