Shen Khar Venakhi

tanonshen.nwcAugust 20031.29 kB00:04:15
Lyricist:Text attributed to Georgian King Demetre I (1125 - 1155).
First Line:Shen khar venakhi, akhlad aqva vebuli (You are a vineyard, newly in bloom)
Instruments:arranged for SATB a cappella
Submitter:Ognibene Peter J
Email:pjsmart (e-mail)
This song began as a hymn to the Virgin Mary and has become a
traditional wedding song, typically sung by the men to the bride at a wedding
party. Most of the arrangements are TTB or TTBB. I heard the American women's
choral group, Kitka, sing an SAA arrangement. My SATB arrangement blends what
I have heard from Kitka and others and includes a tenor descant. Here is an
approximate translation of the text -
"You are a vineyard, newly in bloom
"The blessed root arising from Eden
"A fragrant poplar, growing in paradise
"Whom God has blessed.
"You are a brilliant sun."