Tao 1-14 movement pt 13

tao_13.nwcJune 20026.23 kB00:04:35
Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Genre:chamber music
Instruments:Music box, Bass Drum/chinese cymbal, double bass [pizz], low bongo, Kalimba, French horn, English Horn, Clarinet, Female choir [SA], viola, cello, Contrabass
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:jay (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Tao 1-14
This multi-movement piece was composed with the midi sound in mind and the idea that perhaps someday it could be performed live with acoustic instruments. Therefore the orchestration is 'odd' and varies from movement to movement.
I have many versions of the Tao te Ching and so in a way each movement is a variation on the whole.
Choir[s] are wordless.
The entire piece is intended to be played in whatever order leaving movements out etc... I hope that this idea gives the orchestra and you the freedom to arrange your own 'version'[s] of Tao.
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