Requiem, 1873/4

verrequiem.zipApril 2006150.39 kB01:24:10
  • Agnus Dei, from Requiem, 1873/400:04:57
  • Dies Irae & Tuba Mirum, from Requiem, 1873/400:05:30
  • Ingemisco & Confutatis Maledictus & Lacrymosa, from Requiem, 1873/400:15:05
  • Liber Scriptus, from Requiem, 1873/400:04:44
  • Libera Me - Dies Irae, from Requiem, 1873/400:05:19
  • Libera Me - libera me, from Requiem, 1873/400:05:44
  • Libera Me, from Requiem, 1873/400:02:31
  • Lux Aeterna, from Requiem, 1873/400:06:49
  • Offertoria, from Requiem, 1873/400:10:48
  • Quid sum Miser, from Requiem, 1873/400:03:08
  • Requiem & Kyrie eleison, from Requiem, 1873/400:09:05
  • Rex Tremendae & Recordare, from Requiem, 1873/400:07:55
  • Sanctus, from Requiem, 1873/400:02:37
Composer:Verdi, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco (1813-1901), Italian
First Line:N/A
Genre:Classical Choral Requiem
Instruments:arranged for SATB (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon) and piano (converted to strings etc)
Submitter:Hooper, John
Email:john (e-mail)
This ZIP File contains the following:-
01-Requiem.nwc 1: Requiem & Kyrie eleison
02-di-tub.nwc 2: Dies Irae & 2a: Tuba Mirum
03-liber.nwc 2b: Liber Scriptus
04-quid.nwc 2c: Quid sum Miser
05-6rx-rc.nwc 2d: Rex Tremendae 2e: Recordare
07-8-9.nwc 2f: Ingemisco 2g: Confutatis Maledictus 2h: Lacrymosa
10-Offert.nwc 3: Offertorio
11-Sanctus.nwc 4: Sanctus
12-Agnusdei.nwc 5: Agnus Dei
13-Luxaeter.nwc 6: Lux Aeterna
14-libera.nwc 7: Libera Me
15-dies.nwc 7a: Dies Irae
16-libera.nwc 7b: Libera Me
There are no text/lyrics; these Files were generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so don't look pretty even though they should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE32 Gold). Voice-emphasised Midi Files of the whole work can be downloaded for free from my Website (above).
The Site also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.