preludio from opera 'TRAVIATA'

vertrvpr.nwcAugust 200113 kB00:03:40
Composer:Verdi, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco (1813-1901), Italian
Submitter:Tamiya, Takahiro
Email:ttamiya (e-mail)
NWC 1.70 data file
This NWC file from 1 act's preludo at famous opera 'TRAVIATA'.
DOVER full Score 'Verdi LA TRAVIATA in Full Score ' Dover 0-486-26321-5 .
Boxmarks.ttf (V2) Crescend.ttf are need.
MIDI playback
I create this MIDI playback data with much attention for optimise for WinGroove (software MIDI synthesizer). This has nice strings sound, but latency for lower strings (ex. Contrabass part).
So, I shift Note On timing fast for Contrabass.
If you use other synthesizer and it sounds strange, please insert 32th rest in Contrabass staff.
This NoteWorthy file uses non standard fonts. These can be obtained as follows:
Crescendo - Scriptorium download at
Boxmark2 - Scriptorium download at