Þehnázbûselik Beste (in "Besté" genre and "Evsat" form.)

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Composer:Zekai [Zekâî], Dede Efendi (1825-1897), Turkish
Lyricist:Zekâî Dede Efendi
First Line:Gönül âdâb-ý bezm-i iþreti faðfûrdan görmüþ
Genre:Classical Turkish Song
Instruments:Vocal (Piano)
Submitter:iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul
Email:ertugrulinanc (e-mail)
Zekâî Dede Efendi (1825-24/11/1897 Wed., Istanbul), Turkish composer. Last grand representative of the classical style.
Trained by the great master Ýsmâîl Dede Efendi (1777-1846) and his pupil Eyyûbî Mehmed Bey (1804-1850?).
Composed 261 pieces of vocal and instrumental music varying from songs and hymns to large scale works such as Mevlevî Liturgies; trained many talented musicians as well. In addition, he was the most primary source for classical repertory.
Besides music, Zekâî Dede Efendi was a talented "hattat" (caligraph) and a reliable theologist of Islâm.
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