NWC2 Scripts - Cut/Copy and Paste Measures

Author: Andrew Purdam

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Download: v1.0 20050606
(Rightclick and Save Target As... to your NWC2 Scripts folder, as ccapm.php)
Briefly: ccapm lets you simply move or copy a block of measures from one part of a staff to another. Handy if you need to do it for a lot of staves.
Usage: php ccapm.php (cut|copy) <first> <final> <dest>
cut | copy
is a mandatory keyword saying whether the block of measures is cut or copied
is a positive integer which is the first measure to be cut or copied (the very first measure in a staff is numbered 1)
is a positive integer which is the final measure to be cut or copied. It must not be less than <first>.
is a positive integer which is the measure number that the cut/copied block will be inserted before. This number is the measure number before any cut takes place.
Additional Help :
Cut, Copy & Paste Help  Invocation Instructions   These are pdf documents
Comments: eg
php ccapm.php cut 3 4 10
will cut measures 3 and 4 and insert them before measure 10
History: 1.0 First release