NWC2 Scripts - Compound Autobeam

Author: Andrew Purdam.

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Download: v1.1 12/12/04
(Rightclick and Save Target As... to your NWC2 Scripts folder, as comp_autobeam.php)
Briefly: Autobeam notes in compound/complex time signatures
Usage: php comp_abeam.php <timesig>=g1,g2,... [<timesig2;>=h1,h2,...]...
is the time-signature to use this autobeam on eg 7/8, 13/8
a comma-separated list of how many of each note to group
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Invocation Instructions
Comments: eg

php complex_autobeam.php 7/8=3,2,2 13/8=2,2,2,3,2,2 18/8=3,2,2,2,2,3,2,2

will group beamable notes that haven't yet been beamed into groups three eighth notes in length, followed by two groups two eighth notes in length, when the prevailing timesignature is 7/8. If the staff also has time signatures of 13/8 or 18/8, appropriate groupings will be made.

If a barline is coloured at all (eg grey), it is interpreted as a courtesy barline, and doesn't reset the counting.

History: 1.0.3 Added message for empty input
1.1 Improve treatment when notes are larger than their groupings.