NWC2 Scripts - JukePlay NWC2 Viewer Player

Author: Ian Low

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Download: v1.0a (April 2015) 09/04/15

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Briefly:  JukePlay is a NWC2.51 PHP User Tool that calls NWC2 Viewer to play NWC and NWCTxt files.
Usage: php jukeplay10a.php
Please refer to the usage guide
Additional Help :
Invocation Instructions   This is a pdf document
Comments: Comments: NWC and NWCTxt files can be played in random order, or sorted by ascending or descending filename, filesize, or last-modified date-time order. Folders can also be specified, as well as in the wait time in seconds before playing the next file. The entire filelist can also be repeated for a specified number of times.
History: History:
1.0a Initial Release