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Multi Bar Rests
Author: Kjeld Paabøl Hansen. Comments to noteworthy.nwcbeta newsgroup.
Download: v1 28/02/06
(Rightclick and Save Target As... to your NWC2 Scripts folder as multibarrest.php)
Briefly: Adds in number of whole bar rests using Boxmarks2.
Usage: php multibarrest.php
Additional Help :
Invocation Instructions   This is a pdf document
Comments: Makes intermediate bar lines and whole bar rests not printing, and inserts a count of consecutive whole bar rests between two boxmark rest signs (start and end) in the start of a clip stream as a single text expression. Only multiple rests separated by single bar lines are edited. Needs Boxmarks2 installed as User Font 2
There are some additional customisations that can be made. These are :
    User font number for the Boxmark2 font
    Character to be used for the starting rest
    Character to be used for the ending rest
    Position of the text expression
    Minimum number of whole bar rest that should be processed
Examine File header to make appropriate changes

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