NWC2 Scripts - Parts

Author: Andrew Purdam. Mods (rests) by Gennaro Granito.

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Download: v1.2.2 4/4/06

(Rightclick and Save Target As... to your NWC2 Scripts folder as parts.php)

Briefly: Separate a part in polyphony.
Usage: php parts.php remove|retain top|bottom [nosingle]
remove | retain
are required keywords. Either remove the part, or retain that part.
top | bottom | pos=<pos>
are required keywords, indicating which part to remove or retain.
pos=<pos> will instead of removing/retaining a top or bottom part, will remove or retain a part whose position on the stave matches <pos>.
<pos> is made up of an optional ##,#,b, or bb (indicating double or single sharps and flats), directly adjacent to a signed integer, indicating how far from the centre line on the staff that the note is.
If you are using this option, it is strongly suggested that you use Tools | Force Accidentals beforehand to ensure that you will get all the notes that you intend.
is an optional keyword. If this parameter is present, if a single note is encountered, it will be replaced by a rest.
Additional Help :
Invocation Instructions   This is a pdf document
Comments: About accidentals:
It is possible to filter out an accidental which may then render a subsequent note incorrect. If you notice that two parts share an accidental in different parts of a bar, I suggest you do the following:
1) Tools | Force Accidentals
2) Separate the parts
3) Tools | Audit Accidentals
History: 1.1.2 Added message for empty input
1.2 Added pos parameter.
1.2.1 Fixed bug with tied notes
1.2.3 Fixed bug with "rest chords"