NWC2 Scripts - QwikKey Music Input

Author: Ian Low

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Download: v1.7b (April 2017) 07/04/17

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Briefly:  QwikKey aims to make the keying in of music into NoteWorthy Composer 2.75 as quick as possible.
Usage: php qwikkey17b.php
None, but please refer to the usage guide inside the PHP script
Additional Help :
Invocation Instructions   This is a pdf document
Comments: QwikKey is ideally suited for a composer or transcriber who wants to minimize the time spent on keying in music. Using the text-only QwikKey musical notation, the full range of musical entities can be entered directly as on-staff text expression commands, or into a textfile, and then converted into standard staff notation within a NWC file. An example of QwikKey notation is '\\ CG, *40, p_, l4e@1| p!(5a@2, hr(c#@4, r(b@3, ha@2 | *cr, p!(c#, lb| *dc, p!(a, l4f#| *40, p.!e@3' which converts into the staff notation for the first bars of the melody Amazing Grace, complete with treble clef, dynamic markings, legato slurs, fingering numbers and musical accents. The html usage guide in the zipfile contains a full installation guide, tutorials and examples on how to use QwikKey. Many Thanks to Rick G, Warren Porter, and Lawrie Pardy for their help and advice.
History: History:
1.0a Initial Release
1.0b Added '\hh' harmony helper and '\newf' new file commands, and minor syntax changes
1.0c Renamed to QwikKey, added file-to-file, file-to-stave, and batchfile commands, syntax alterations, and chord options
1.1a Syntax alterations, drum-kit staff, percussion staff, lyrics input
1.1b Syntax alterations, #include, minify, strings, 24-harmony chords, MPC, microtones
1.2a Minor amendments, abbreviated notation, figured arpeggiation
1.7b Syntax alterations, pre-processor flow control, abbreviated notation, stave-to-file input