NWC2 Scripts - Temper

Author: Andrew Purdam.

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Download: v1.0 10/3/05

(Rightclick and Save Target As... to your NWC2 Scripts folder as temper.php)

Briefly: Insert pitch bends to implement temperament on a single-voice stave.
Usage: php temper.php <temperfilename>
is the name of a file (NWC assumes the path is relative to the NWC2 program folder) containing the following pairs on each line.
<notename> <pitchbend>
<notename>     eg C#, Db, E, Fb, F## enharmonics are NOT equivalent!
<pitchbend>     between -8192 and 8191, like the values on NWC's pitchbend MPCs
Additional Help :
Invocation Instructions   This is a pdf document
Comments: Note that if you are keen, this will provide up to 35 different pitches (7 notenames times 5 - double flat, flat, nat, sharp, double sharp)
Assuming that your midi device is set to a global pitchbend range of +/- 2 semitones, -8192 is two semitones flat, and 8191 is two semitones sharp
Assuming also that these values translate linearly to cents, (100 cents = 1 semitone) 1 cent = 40.96 pitchbend units
eg for Werckmeister III, based on C (you\'d also want to define Db as C#, etc) you might like to create a file called werckiiic.txt with the following
C# -410
D -328
Eb -246
E -410
F -82
F# -492
G -164
Ab -328
A -492
Bb -164
B -328