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Author: Andrew Purdam. Mods (rests) by Gennaro Granito.
Comments to noteworthy.nwcbeta newsgroup.
Download: v1.1.1 2/12/04
(Rightclick and Save Target As... to your NWC2 Scripts folder as tripletise.php)
Briefly: Convert messy looking imported triplets to normal NWC triplet notation.
Usage: php tripletise.php <t> <r1> <r2> <r3>...
is the resulting triplet note length (4 for quarter, 8 for eighth, 16 for 16th etc)
r1 r2 r3 etc
rhythm descriptions of the patterns of notes to be converted to a triplet.
Rhythm descriptions are
[d]<n>[t] where d is an optional indicator of dotted note, n is 2 for half, 4 for quarter, 8 for eighth, etc
and t is an optional indicator of a tied note
Additional Help :
How to use the Tripletise Tool   Invocation Instructions   These are pdf documents
Comments: I chose to use this generic format to provide greater flexibility for differing import granularity and differing triplet types. Examples of common triplet imports are:
d16 d16 16 (eighth note triplets imported on default settings)
16 32 32 (16th notes triplets imported on default settings)
d8 16t d16 8t 32 (quarter notes, imported on default settings)
d8 16t 16 d8 (quarter notes imported on 16th notes granularity)
16 8 16 (eighth note triplet imported on 16th note granularity)

As a check, tripletise adds these together to ensure that they make double the <t> parameter
eg tripletise.php 8 16 8 16 means convert 16+8+16 into triplets of eighth notes, which total a quarter.
History: 1.1.1 Added handling of no notes selected in input stream

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