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Other Software

The files stored or referred to on this site may need extra software installed on your computer to use them.
  • NWC files can be read by
    • the freeware program NoteWorthy Viewer, which plays the file while displaying the score, highlighting each note as it is played. You can also print the score out. If you want to edit the fil, you will need NoteWorthy Composer . Both are by NoteWorthy Software, Inc.
    • the NWC plugin for WinAmp, available here (please note - does not work with winamp version 3. (Winamp version 2 still available); or
    • PDF files are read by Acrobat Reader, a freeware interpreter which plugs into your browser, or as a stand-alone viewer, available from Adobe. PDF files can be created for free from NoteWorthy Composer (or other applications) using a virtual printer connected to "File", in conjunction with Ghostscript/GSview
    • PostScript files can be printed directly to a PostScript printer, or use Ghostscript/GSview to view/print them or convert to other formats.
    • MIDI files are readily listened to directly from your browser. Several good freeware readers are:
      • Crescendo, from Liveupdate
      • The latest media-player from Microsoft.
      • NoteWorthy Viewer, from NoteWorthy Software, which not only notates the music for you, but also interprets NoteWorthy Composer files.
      • VanBasco's Midi Player, supports Midi-Karaoke, many other cool features, from VanBasco Software. Both versions (Win3x and Win9x) are now freeware!
      • Winamp is a very good and highly configurable media player, which can handle MIDI, NWC and other media formats. Best of all, it is free.
    • ZIP files are read by many archive managers. Look in shareware repositories like
    • REC files are macro files for Windows 3.1 Recorder, by Microsoft. It seems that the software is not being supported anymore, as it is not shipped with Windows 95, 98 or NT. However, the original program still works with newer Windows versions. To download, see our helpful files section.
    • MP2/MP3 files are MPEG audio. MP3's are more compact, but require more system resources. A good freeware player (Win9x) is WinAmp. Also plays midis and other audio formats. MP2's can be played on 386 with Win3.x or better.

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