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Many song files on the Scriptorium use fonts that are not installed on your computer by default. To make it easier for users to see NoteWorthy products in the way that the original creator intended, the Scriptorium is now either storing the fonts for you to download or is providing an external link to the font. Where there is a link, the resultant font may either be a commercial font, in which case, you may need to pay for it, or it may be an executable. There may also be a free alternative link provided where one has been found. The Scriptorium cannot be held responsible for any executable downloaded from an external link. Use any executable at your own risk. Links to commercial fonts are provided so that you can purchase if you like, but otherwise, you can look at the font descriptions and search for a similar free free font.

How to install a Font

If the font is contained within a zip file, first extract it to a folder on your pc then:

Windows 7 Right click on the font and select Install.

If you appear to have difficulties with this, right click the font, in the general tab, select "properties", select "Unblock" and then try again.

Vista Right click on the font and select Install
95, 98, ME or XP Copy the font to c:\Windows\Fonts
NT or 2000 Copy the font to c:\Winnt\Fonts

Please note that there is usually more than one way to install a font. If you are comfortable with a different way, use it!


The Pardypack is part of a series of fonts developed especially for NoteWorthy Composer and associated NoteWorthy programs by Lawrie Pardy. The Pardypack contains the following fonts:

  • SwingDings, MusikDingsSans and MusikDingsSerif
  • SwingText, MusikTextSans and MusikTextSerif
  • SwingTextEuro, MusikTextEuroSans and MusikTextEuroSerif
  • SwingChord, MusikChordSans and MusikChordSerif
  • NWC2SwingDings, NWC2MusikDingsSans, NWC2HiVisLP and NWC2MusikDingsSerif

If you download and run the PardyPack executable, all of these fonts will be installed onto your Computer.

The Pardypack executable is the only font installation executable trusted by the Scriptorium.

Font NameScriptorium LinkExternal Link
Accidentals [Info*]
Agate agate.ttf
Amaze amazr.ttf
Anastasia anastasia.ttf
Andy andy.ttf
Arnold Boecklin arnold-boecklin.ttf
ArnoldBoecklin-ExtraBold arnoldboecklinextrabold.ttf
AucoinLight aucoinlight.ttf
Bach [Info*]
Bach stem-up 3rd higher bach4u3h.ttf
Benevento bene.ttf
BernhardMod BT bernhard_modern_bt.ttf
Bitstream Vera Serif verasebd.ttf
Boxmarks [Info*]
Boxmark2 [Info*]
Calisto MT   Free Alternative
Century Schoolbook   Free Alternative
Charles Antique charles_antique.ttf
Chasm chasn.ttf
Chopin chopin.ttf
CloisterBlack BT cloister_black_bt.ttf
Crescendo cresc.ttf
Curlz MT curlz.ttf
Desdemona   Free Alternative
English111 Vivace BT e111viva.ttf
Engravers MT   Free Alternative
Flat Brush flatbn.ttf
Freehand471 BT freehand_471_bt.ttf
Futura T Condensed
Galant galant.ttf
Gentium genr1.ttf
GentiumAlt genar102.ttf
Geometr231 BT geometr231_bt_roman.ttf
Georgia   Free Alternative
Georgia Ref   Free Alternative
GeoSlab703 Md BT geoslab703_md_bt_medium.ttf
Gill Sans
Goudy Old Style   Free Alternative
InkPot inkpot.ttf
KochRoman kochroma.ttf
Lucida Bright   Free Alternative
Lucida Sans Typewriter
KochRoman kochroma.ttf
Lynda Cursive lyndcn.ttf
Magneto magnetob.ttf
Monospace821 monospace821.ttf
MontessoriScript montessoriscript.ttf
Mozart     [Info*]
Mus6Med [Info*]
MusicalSymbols musical.ttf
MusikChordSans Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikChordSerif Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikDingsSans Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikDingsSerif Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikTextEuroSans Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikTextEuroSerif Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikTextSans Pardypack     [Info*]
MusikTextSerif Pardypack     [Info*]
MusiSync musisync.ttf
NewWGL4Font newwgl4font.ttf
NoteRow noterow.ttf
NWC Extra Ornaments v3 [Info*]
NWC2MusikDingsSerif Pardypack     [Info*]
NWCV13A     [Info*]
NWCV15     [Info*]
NWCX15 [Info*]
NWslur [Info*]
OCRB ocrb.ttf
Old English Text MT   Free Alternative
OldeWorld-Bold oldeworld-bold.ttf
Onyx onyx.ttf
OCRB ocrb.ttf
Opus     [Info*]
Opus Chords     [Info*]
Patrick patrick_regular.ttf
Petrucci     [Info*]
Power Tab powertab.ttf
Rage Italic   Free Alternative
Ravie ravie.ttf
Rousseau rousseau.ttf
Skt Garland skt-garland.ttf
Skt Palermo skt-palermo.ttf
SPW spw.ttf
SteveHandwriting steve.ttf
SwingDings Pardypack     [Info*]
SwingText Pardypack     [Info*]
Times New Roman Special G1   Free Alternative
Toccata [Info*]
Tornado tornado.ttf
Tunga   Free Alternative
Uncial ATT uncialatt.ttf
Verdana Ref   Free Alternative
Viner Hand ITC   Free Alternative
WalbaumFrakturEF   Free Alternative
Wellington wellington.ttf
Yearbook Outline   Free Alternative
ZapfChan Bd BT 11332.ttf
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