Command Summary

The command summary for NoteWorthy Composer has now been updated (September 2021) for NWC v2.75 inc. User Objects by Richard Woodroffe. It was originally created by Barry Graham in 1998, and was then updated (December 2000) for NWC v1.70 by Richard Woodroffe, with assistance from Fred Nachbaur and Andrew Purdam.
This 200 page book is a must read for new (and seasoned) NoteWorthy Composer users.
It is available in PDF, PostScript and the original MS Publisher formats.
Click here for the complete PDF file (ZIPped, 9.5Mb).

README Information on the various versions

Chapter ZIPped Adobe
PDF File
PostScript File
Publisher file
Cover, Contents 5 pages (648k) (1.4Mb) (243k)
1 - Introduction 15 pages (1.7mb) (5.7mb) (252k)
2 - Control, File Menus 20 pages (1.3mb) (7mb) (518k)
3 - Edit, View Menus 20 pages (1.4mb) (7mb) (224k)
4 - Staff, Insert Menus 38 pages (1.4mb) (12.4mb) (552k)
5 - Notes, Tools Menus 27 pages (1.1mb) (5.8mb) (369k)
6 - Window, Help Menus, Index 20 pages (767k) (3.6mb) (217k)
7 - Exercises 50 pages (1.4mb) (12mb) (255k)
8 - Examples 5  pages (612k) (909k) (21k)

Update History:
1998Original Version for NWC 1.3Barry
December 2000Update for version 1.7Richard, Fred and Andrew
March 2001Update Chapter 5Richard
September 2021Complete Update for version 2.75Richard